'If you have a dream, you got to protect it'

Starting a business is no mean feat. It is an exercise steeped in challenges and confusion. Sample the most common queries:

  • What business options will be the best fit for me, given who I am?
  • What business options will align with my financial goals?
  • What are the financial requirements for a particular business?
  • How can I get the right guidance from a relevant business owner, somebody who has been there and done that?

At this crossfire of indecision and ambitions, Bizstart was born with the intent to nurture business minds

Bizstart is a centralized, updated, and relevant database of financials unique to different businesses. It is designed to help the aspiring business owner in you explore various business avenues, and then start one in keeping with your aptitude, budget, and financial objectives.

  • We have obtained the financials straight from the horse’s mouth – current business owners thriving in their respective domains.
  • Once you have clarity over the kind of business you wish to start, you can then talk to relevant business owners who will answer your most pressing questions unique to your preferred line of business.

All you have to do is choose a business, select a related business owner, check the date and time of availability, and book your one-on-one call.

“Do a viability-check on Bizstart before starting your business”

Hitesh Porwal
Hitesh Porwal


Hitesh Porwal is a certified executive coach based at Mumbai. Only I can change my life… with this belief Hitesh altered his path from a Managing Director in a top hedge fund multinational to a public domain profile of an executive coach ( www.wealthpal.in ) and founder of this platform. Hitesh launched Bizstart with a vision to positively impact the lives of a million aspiring business owners by 2022.