Initial Investment * : ₹19,00,000

Space Requirement: 1200 sq.ft. (250 for kitchen, 950 for clients)

Turnover to Break Even: ₹99,00,000

Typical bill for 2 people: INR 1200

Typical Time Required to Breakeven: 3 months

Gross Profit Margin: 35%

Running Expenses Per Month Annually
Workplace Rentals ₹60,000 ₹7,20,000
Staff Cost (10 staff) ₹1,22,000 ₹14,64,000
Sundry Expenses ₹80,000 ₹9,60,000
Advertisement & Mktg. ₹15,000 ₹1,80,000
Total Running Expenses ₹2,77,000 ₹33,24,000

*Initial Investment Breakup:  

Furniture & Fixtures : ₹6,00,000  

Kitchen Equipment, Coffee Machine, Systems : ₹6,00,000  

Franchisee Fee : ₹5,00,000  

Deposit for rental place : ₹2,00,000  

Staff count of 10 include 2 Chefs (salary INR 18,000 per chef), 2 at Counter (INR 10,000), 4 for Service (INR 10,000, 1 Manager (INR 18,000), 1 housekeeping (INR 8,000). The above numbers are calculated assuming the cafe has only 1 shift. Sundry expenses of 80,000 include 60,000 for utility and 20,00 for staff food etc. These numbers have been obtained by interviewing a business owner based in Jodhpur. Your numbers may vary based on your location and other factors. If you want to start a restaurant franchising business, you can also talk to an experienced cafe owner. Simply scroll below to schedule your call.


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Business Owner ID : Richa Sharma

Richa @ Jodhpur is founder at THE BOOK CAFE. 

Richa is a serial entrepreneur with sharp business acumen. 

With a total experience of 12 years in business, Richa spent the last 6 years in building a brand from scratch in the food industry, which has polished her to be versatile in the field of business.

A Post Graduate in Micro Biology, IIMB NSRCEL course helped her to gain new insights to the way forward. She has impeccable skills in understanding and strategising new businesses specifically food and cafe. She is actively participating in revolutionising the style of networking and community building in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities of India.


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