Initial Investment * : ₹25,000

Office requirement (sq.ft.): Not required

Turnover to Break Even: ₹25,000

Number of staff required: 0

Typical Time Required to Breakeven: 6 months

Charges Per Design (E.g. Bridal wear): INR 2,000 - 5,000

Running Expenses Per Month Annually
Workplace Rentals ₹0 ₹0
Staff Cost (0 staff) ₹0 ₹0
Sundry Expenses ₹0 ₹0
Advertisement & Marketing ₹2,000 ₹24,000
Total Running Expenses ₹2,000 ₹24,000

*Initial Investment Breakup:  

Laptop : ₹25,000  

As an independent fashion designer, you will be working with a retail store or garment manufacturers. It is advisable that you intern with an existing designer before you start completely independent.  Key qualities necessary to succeed: willingness to learn and upgrade oneself, passion to go out and study materials, study market for contemporary tastes, fine-tuning your illustrations so that you are able to convey better, and understanding of human psychology because you'll have to convince clients towards a particular color or taste. It is assumed that you are good at sketching and also passionate about wanting to do this. If you are a student planning to get into this business, it is suggested that you go for a degree course (3-4 Years). If you are experienced - say in your 30s - and want to get into this business, you can go for a certification or diploma (1 year). Regarding how much you can charge for your designs, you can charge per design (with an understanding that if the order is executed through you, then design charges will be adjusted in the order), or you can work as a freelance with a couple of shops on retainership basis. These numbers have been obtained by interviewing a business owner based in Mumbai.  Your numbers may vary based on your location and other factors. If you want to become an independent fashion designer, you can also talk to an expert designer. Simply scroll below to schedule your call.

Talk with Business Owners

Schedule a one-on-one call with business owners. Over a 1-hour call, have all your pressing questions answered before starting your business. Know the common mistakes you must avoid, understand current market trends and discuss customer acquisition strategies that you could adopt.

Business Owner : Mita Gangoly

Mita Gangoly @ Mumbai is the proprietor and creative head at Purple Peacock Creative Merchandise & Design. 

Mita is a Jury and Mentor at most of the Design Institutes in India including The Synthetic and Art Silk Mills’ Research Association and Designer Raghavendra Rathore’s Gurukul School of Design, Jaipur.  She works on designs and concepts with sustainability in mind.

Mita is an energetic, creative, design-oriented person whose experience encompasses a cumulative span of more than 25 plus years in the Design Industry. Her excellent PR and networking skills have been instrumental in ensuring many young talents being showcased to the movers and shakers of the Design Industry.

Former Director of a design institute in Mumbai, Mita was one of the Chief Juries on the panel for the finale of India’s ‘KAUN BANEGA MASTER STYLIST 2020’ by Raymond. She has also been nominated by the University of Coventry, Derby & Birmingham Institute of Art & Design UK... 4 years in a row to mentor Design students in India. 

Her design sensibility, deep understanding of human behaviour and environment, and knack to balance multiple roles make her manage and always bring in a team of experts on board to ensure the success of any venture that she becomes a part of. 

Apart from being a designer, Mita holds a Masters in the study of Ecology & Environment with Sustainability and is a Herpetologist working closely with experts in the field of studies of reptiles & amphibians. She also counsels young minds who want to pursue a career in Design & Creative Arts and also their parents.


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