Initial Investment * : ₹6,85,000

Space requirement (sq.ft.): 100 sq.ft.

Turnover to Break Even: ₹36,00,000

Number of staff required: 4

Typical Time Required to Breakeven: 12 months

Gross profit margin: 30%

Running Expenses Per Month Annually
Workplace Rentals ₹5,000 ₹60,000
Staff Cost (4 staff) ₹75,000 ₹9,00,000
Sundry Expenses ₹3,000 ₹36,000
Advertisement & Marketing ₹1,000 ₹12,000
Total Running Expenses ₹84,000 ₹10,08,000

*Initial Investment Breakup:  

Second hand vehicle cost : ₹6,00,000  

Furniture : ₹10,000  

Working Capital : ₹50,000  

Deposit for Rental Place : ₹25,000  

The vehicle used is typically a second-hand Tata Ace or Mahindra Maximo which is a 7 footer. These numbers have been obtained by interviewing a business owner based in Erode. Your numbers may vary based on your location and other factors. If you want to start a business of customized food trucks, you can also talk to an experienced business owner. Simply scroll below to schedule your call.

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Business Owner : Gokhul

Gokhul @ Erode is managing partner at 'Azimuth Business on Wheels', a truck fabrication company that specializes in designing, consulting, fabrication, customizing, branding, franchising and managing food business on wheels. Their primary products include Food Trucks, Retail Store on Wheels, Rolling Fruits & Veggie Mart, Salon on Wheels, Products Display Trucks, Pet Grooming on Wheels, Art Truck, Mobile Cosmetic Vehicle, and Mobile Convenience Store.

Azimuth has two manufacturing units, one in Greater Noida and another in Erode. Few of their clients include Nestle, Starbucks, Dabur, Wafl, etc.

A qualified Engineer by qualification, Gokhul believes that Mobile business ventures have tremendous potential for expansion and replication, making it scalable and profitable. 

What makes 'Azimuth Business On Wheels' different from others in the market?

  1. They build to the highest standards and can fit any budget or time-frame.
  2. They have all major aspects of the manufacturing process in-house: from creative designing of your truck to fabrication and final branding, all under one roof.
  3. Every vehicle they make has to pass their rigorous quality and safety inspections.
  4. Whether you are utilizing a used truck or a brand new vehicle, you can be assured of highest quality fitments in equipments and accessories.
  5. Azimuth follows a customer-focused approach to have an in-depth understanding of your requirements, product application, wish list, prime characteristics, value proposition, and likewise. Thereafter, their development team gets involved for a feasibility study, product planning ensuring the right design, specifications, features and characteristics of the vehicle.
  6. Extensive care is taken for truck body integration with chassis and systems (e.g., AC, Heating,Electronics, Voice and Data Communication, Ventilation, Lighting, Trim and Seating etc.)
  7. Extensive care is taken towards weight optimization, standardization and modular designs, that are validated and tested for minimizing defects.
  8. Great emphasis is given on the selection of vendors for ensuring effective and qualitative supply chain system, ensuring high standards of aesthetics and performance.




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