Initial Investment * : ₹5,00,000

Gross Profit Margin: 65%

Turnover to Break Even: ₹13,75,000

Workplace Requirement: 250-400 sq.ft.

Typical Time Required to Breakeven: 6 months

Typical bill for 2 people: INR 200

Running Expenses Per Month Annually
Workplace Rentals ₹20,000 ₹2,40,000
Staff Cost (2 staff) ₹25,000 ₹3,00,000
Sundry Expenses ₹15,000 ₹1,80,000
Advertisement & Mktg. ₹10,000 ₹1,20,000
Total Running Expenses ₹70,000 ₹8,40,000

*Initial Investment Breakup:  

Kitchen Equipment : ₹1,50,000  

Brand Fee : ₹1,50,000  

Furniture & Fixtures : ₹1,50,000  

Deposit for rental place etc. : ₹50,000  

Workplace requirements include 150 square feet for the kitchen and 125 square feet for customers. The staff consists of 1 Chef (INR 15,000 per month) and one helper (10,000 per month).

These numbers have been obtained by interviewing a business owner based in Jodhpur. Your running expenses may vary depending on your location and other factors. If you plan to start a quick-service restaurant, you can schedule a call with an experienced restaurant owner listed on Bizstart. 

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Business Owner ID : Genius Jain

Genius Jain @ Jodhpur is an entrepreneur, food influencer and owner of fast growing food outlet chain.

A qualified MBA in Business Marketing, Genius has been in the food business for 7 years now. His Food Blog, Jodhpur Foodie, has been leading since 2015 for its exceptional presentation and relation with the current trends in food industry of Jodhpur.

From his experience in food blogging, he devised 'Rolls Roy' from scratch and is now offering it as a Brand Franchise. Rolls Roy has been created with an intention to satisfy the Indian taste buds and has flavours from all over the world. The rolls introduced by the outlet has already made a mark on the customers of Jodhpur for its good taste, pocket friendly prices and quick service.

His vision is to serve all the cities of India in coming 5 years and be a market leader in the segment. 

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